Rich Dunn * The Balloon Bender
Bending and Twisting Balloons for FUN!

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About Rich Dunn

I have been a Balloon Twister for over 20 years, entertaining at birthday parties, company and church events, family picnics, and anywhere kids are having fun!  I can work sitting, standing, or walking around without a break for several hours.  

My specialty is making a bunch of simple designs very fast in order to satisfy the waiting children as quickly as possible.  If time allows, my amazing deluxe designs will entertain both children and adults.  My style of entertaining is best suited for kids parties where I get down on the floor with them, treat them as individuals, getting to know their personalities, sort of a one-on-one fun experience as I go from each one to the next.

My weekends book up early, so please let me know as soon as you decide to invite me to your party!